The following are a selection of clips from recent and past WAPF Wise Traditions Ireland conferences. A DVD set of 2017 conference presentations is available to purchase from WAPFMunster direct. Please contact us for more details.

Brendan O Brien gives an overview of the incredible work of Weston A Price and why the Foundation works to pass on such traditional wisdom.


Zoe Harcombe, PhD presents her talk “Challenging Nutritional Beliefs” at Wise Traditions Ireland 2017.



Below is Dr Natasha Campbell McBride’s presentation on “Healthy Pre-conception and Pregnancy” from Wise Traditions Ireland 2016.


Dr Campbell McBride’s new book “Vegetarianism Explained” was launched at Wise Traditions Ireland 2017 – the presentation is below. This book is available to purchase at The Urban Co-op in Limerick and on Amazon.


Jim Cronin’s presentation from Wise Traditions Ireland 2017 – Growing Food Organically


From Wise Traditions Ireland 2016:  Nina Teicholz – “The Big Fat Surprise”.