Wise Traditions Ireland 3 – Changing Our Minds!

The Weston A. Price Foundation’s Munster chapters are proud to announce our 3rd Wise Traditions Ireland conference, which will take place in our familiar and highly praised venue Thomond Park, Limerick on March 25 & 26, 2017.

This years theme is “Changing Our Minds”.

We face daunting health challenges not just as a nation but as a species. A time of global transition is upon us and the wisdom used by ancient cultures to achieve vibrant health against all the odds has never been more important to understand.   This wisdom calls upon us to challenge our thinking about our health.

We don’t need to accept that current health crises such as obesity and diabetes, though common, are normal. We have the ability to make profound positive changes to our health.

As our mental health becomes a national concern, we must make the connection that the way in which our brains and bodies are built and nourished determines how our minds work! 

The conference will challenge the way you think about food, health and farming in a world flooded with conflicting expert advice.

An international line-up of speakers, with their homework well and truly done, will blend ancient traditional wisdom with modern scientific understanding and inspire us to change our mind about decades of outdated health advice.

Join us for what will surely be a weekend to remember, an event that continues to bring hope and inspiration into the lives of ordinary people struggling to recapture what is ultimately our birthright – vibrant health!



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