TUC TALKS at The Urban Co-op – UPDATED line-up

The team at The Urban Co-op in Limerick have put together a great line-up of talks for this year’s TUC TALKS series.  See the full line-up below.

Tickets can be purchased at The Urban Co-op (www.theurbanco-op.ie).

Tickets for Ivor Cummins’ talk can also be bought on Eventbrite.

The Urban Co-op is Limerick’s first co-operative grocery store to be owned, controlled and operated by the community. The co-op aims to sell wholesome food at affordable prices, providing maximum transparency in the process. The co-op supports local farmers, growers, producers and start-ups and are proud of their relationship with suppliers, and the quality of their produce. The Co-op prioritises sourcing food from organic, sustainable, ethical farming practices and supports local, artisan producers.

The Urban Co-op follows the seven co-operative principles, with community and education being of special importance.  The co-op has recently moved to a larger premises in the Eastway Business Park, where they hope to create a “Community Wellness Hub”,  a place where members can not only shop, but also take a class, meet friends for lunch, go to an educational talk and connect with like-minded people.

Membership is open to all.
Find out more about the co-op at www.theurbanco-op.ie

(TUC in “TUC Talks” stands for The Urban Co-op!).


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