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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Is the programme now confirmed?
    I am keen 5o see natasha but v
    Canotb attend all day over the weekend


  2. Eventhough I send several emails last year and offered to speak at the conference as a biological dentist no reply was ever given. What a shame. Digestion starts in the mouth and we can not ignore the teeth body connection
    Perhaps next year!!
    Dr evelien van Amerongen
    Biological dentist since 1988


    • Dear Dr Evelien, Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately I dont see any record of emails from you for some reason?! We certainly are interested in holistic dentistry. You may note the programme is full this year but if its not too late to consider exhibiting we would be delighted to have you! It is certainly an area the attendees are interested in! By the way there are no plans for a conference next year as we believe the London conference will be on then. If you want to give me a call I am at 087 7927311 Anne


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